Let Me Serve[rless] You

I’m less than pleased with the verbalism “Serverless,” a bit of marketing-sprecht pitch to selling consumption-based functionality to the feckless.  Not that Amazon’s “Lamda” is all that better a mouthful, but whatever the case I’d feel like less of a shill when talking about Microsoft’s lovely tech if it only had a better name.

The rub, of course is that Serverless—itself!—is great; an obvious yet revolutionary idea that is turning programming very much on it’s head.

As it turns out Serverless has been very much in the air, as of late.  Indeed, I’ve lost count of the number of presentations and meetings I’ve had on the subject in the preceding month alone but it must be in the low dozens.

On Friday, December 7th—tomorrow, as of this writing—I’ll be presenting on the subject again; this time to a bunch of data professionals at Philly DataFest.  I’d invite you to attend but the event has been sold out for weeks so you’ll have to wait for the next go-round.

Anyway, if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, do check out my deck and demo.

Keep coding…

Campity Do Dah

The leaves have begun to bud, the snow has started to melt, so it can only mean one thing: time for another Code Camp (2018.1).  This time round I have two sessions scheduled:

Go Serverless with Azure Functions, Logic Apps and EventGrid
Azure’s serverless story makes it dead simple to decompose your clunky monolithic apps into performant DevOps-friendly microservices. Join Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect Louis Berman as he shows you how to build and deploy a significant cloud-scale application by live-coding a real-world example of automating employee on-boarding to the Microsoft Graph as a serverless app. As a bonus he’ll also show you how to get a handle on your serverless workloads through DevOps.

Zero to DevOps (with VSTS)
DevOps is the secret sauce behind today’s most successful development teams and companies. Join Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect Louis Berman as he shows you how to speed your race into the cloud; in many cases by as much as 10x within a single year. In this demo-heavy session Mr. Berman will demonstrate how very easy it is for every organization to adopt DevOps, but just as importantly he’ll also focus on the soft-skills needed to “sell” DevOps to your clients and peers. The session will conclude with Mr. Berman’s “Top 10 Tips for DevOps Success!”

If you’d like to get a jump on things (or if you’re reading this after 3/24/2018) you can download my decks:

I also prepared a Functions demo (LsbServerless) which you can download from GitHub.

May the Serverless be with you…