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As an early proponent of Azure (not to mention, an unabashed booster of the Microsoft cloud!), I have architected, project-managed and developed countless Azure applications, both as standalone efforts and reengineering / integration projects.  These range from sales portals (Weichert Realtors) to secure content management (Wolters Kluwer) to trade-data repositories (Ars Unica) to HPC (DuPont) to petabyte-scale data repositories (Bentley Systems) to IoT (Comcast) and more.  Additionally, I’ve lectured on extensively on Azure and DevOps and have written several Azure whitepapers .

  • Solution Architect, skilled in ideation, analysis, solution design, security,  DevOps, globalization, testing, API-ification, human-factors, scalability, shift-left and right, documentation and communications.
  • Seasoned Manager, adept at leading development, operations and business-oriented teams alike; both internal and outsourced.
  • Proven Ability to manage and deliver complex technology projects, analysis and diagnosis of project issues / designs / business requirements, and to provide specific technical solutions; including custom tools, tech innovations, and—if needed—troubled project issues remediation.
  • Expert Programmer, personally developed hundreds of services, agents, websites, APIs, libraries, GUIs (Recently: MS-SQL, C#, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, MVVM, React/Redux, Blazer, Xamarin and a host of Azure services: CosmosDB, Blobs, Functions, Batch, Storage, EventGrid, Logic Apps, ML, APIM, SQL Azure).
  • Trading Innovator, invented technical analysis, simulation and live trading tools, data feeds, AI agents, tick-farms, FIX-protocol engines, money-management tools, and indicators.
  • E-commerce Pioneer, filed two media-distribution / rights-management patents (for
  • Worked in and developed technology for the Trading, E-Commerce, Finance, Banking, Manufacturing, Health, Insurance, Beverage, Educational, Computer, Publishing, Pharma, Food, Office Productivity, BroadcastSoftwareReal-Estate, Management, Architectural/Engineering/Construction and Retail

Co-invented and developed the superlative Smartie! trade execution platform (at Ars Unica, as Founding CTO).  To quote M.B. of Guilford, CT: “It is horrible to trade on the other platforms after using Smartie!  Makes me feel like I am guilty of trading malpractice!”  Created custom FIX-protocol and proprietary trading libraries to integrate with Hotspot, Currenex, FIXI, PFG, Lucre, and Integral.  Developed Azure cloud-based services and client frameworks for trader account and profile management, onboarding, error logging, trade-plan management auditing, and secure content delivery.  Created a high-speed historical data-feed utilizing custom Azure-based data repositories, the Azure CDN and smart desktop agents.

Developed the very first global-scale Content Delivery Network (CDN) deployed on Azure—predating Microsoft’s own offering by some 19 months!—plus a 3,200-core HPC cluster that delved into crop genomics—the largest RDMA-style cluster ever fielded in the Azure cloud up until that point, in late 2016—and countless other projects both on and off the cloud.

Created a custom Azure cloud-based repository (at Wolters Kluwer, as Senior Architect) to securely mediate access to 3TB / 2.5MM documents.  Created web-based and desktop tools to maintain the repositories.

Created three different technical-analysis/simulation platforms (at NPI Traders, as CTO) along with 60+ trade and order-management agents.  Using those agents ran millions of simulation sets, iterating ranged parameter-sets against multi-year tick-level pricing/volume data, frequently employing self-tuning genetic programming-based AI frameworks.

As founding CTO, managed explosive technological growth at as the company earned its first $130M in revenue and raised $140M in venture/debt capital. Oversaw a $20M capital/technical operations budget. Coordinated three in-house development teams (40+ developers; 3 locations) plus two outside development firms and numerous consultants. Negotiated a 40% lease-cost reduction (Cisco; originally $3.5MM) and a 6-month “no-interest” payment postponement (HP; $3.1MM). Created two massively-redundant data centers; managed a multi-site 18-person IT team in support of this infrastructure. Built a 141-seat in-house call-center. Designed an automated fulfillment operation scaled to support the fulfillment of more than $500MM worth of gift certificates per year—all from a single location. Led the search-for and build-out of an 80,000 sq. foot corporate operations and fulfillment facility; managed 27-person facilities development team who coordinated the work of 250+ contractors.

Co-founded BrainTree, a consulting practice that specialized in strategic consulting, application development, and e-commerce. Clients included Citibank, Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley, Digital Equipment Corp., Saks Fifth Avenue, MERCK, Continental Grain Co., MetLife, Johnson & Johnson, MCS Canon, Chemical Bank, UNISYS, Nabisco, American Express, New York Life, Smith Barney Shearson, Best Foods, Medco and Upjohn.

Work History (With Notable Accomplishment):

  • Microsoft (Cloud Solutions Architect, May 2015 to Present): Fielded the largest HPC workload in the Azure (as of 2016), for DuPont.  Working with Bentley Systems (the largest Azure account in EPG Mid Atlantic) to modernize their 500+ workloads and move them into the cloud. Working with Comcast+NBCU+Telemundo+DreamWorks to speed their rush into the Azure cloud.
  • Neudesic (National Architect / Custom Application Development, May 2013 to May 2015): Conceived / developed several Windows 8 XAML Store applications, including the extremely well-received Toyota Innovation Fair POC.
  • Ars Unica (CTO, September 2011 to May 2013): Co-invented / developed the superlative Smartie! trade execution platform.
  • Wolters Kluwer (Senior Solutions Architect, June 2006 to September, 2011): Created EzPass (no, not that EzPass!), the rights-management system that mediated all access to secure online-content for hundreds of top medical journals (AJN, Anesthesiology, etc.)
  • Anheuser Bush (Solutions Architect, July 2003 to May 2006): Conceived and developed WebFlow: the rights management / auditing / software workflow system that managed SDLC for the company’s 1,200+ websites in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • (CTO, October 2002 to May 2003): Invented a new distribution channel that supported the “stealth” delivery and coordinated presentment of high-resolution video, audio and other content over low-bandwidth Internet connections.
  • NPI Traders (CTO, April 2000 to June 2011; Side-Project): Developed a variety of Forex and Futures trading platforms; most notably TRAPCIS: a profitable futures platform that used self-tuning genetic programming-based AI frameworks to make trade decisions.
  • (CTO, June 1999 to August 2002): Invented the “Bermanator” a robotic credit-card imprinter/ packager, with related software, that allowed GC to secure a $30MM contract to supply 1MM+ customized gift certificates; in 120 days, start to finish.
  • BrainTree, Ltd. (President, February 1985 to May 1999): Created MoneyPump, the first Internet-based “try-before-you-buy” client/server e-commerce toolkit. Also developed CitiCentral: an internationally-deployed client/server application that facilitated Citibank’s yearly senior-level compensation management process.

Other Notable Accomplishments

  • Studied theatrical lighting design at SUNY Purchase; from 1979 to 1981. After leaving college, I worked—most typically as a Lighting Designer or Technician—on dozens of professional productions and tours.  (Notable Venues: The Public, Playhouse 91, Lincoln Center, Virginia Theater, Playwrights Horizons, Waldorf Hotel, AJT, Circle In The Square, Ogunquit Playhouse, Smithsonian Tours, Central Park Playhouse, The Roundabout, etc.)
  • Led the first visual observation of Eris—the largest dwarf planet in our solar system; for a detailed write-up visit
  • Presently writing a book on astronomical tourism (“ScopeSeeing”). In preparation, I have visited 100+ observatories on three continents.

Management Style: I’m an energetic, motivated person who’s equally comfortable working as a member of the senior management team and rolling up my sleeves to get basic work done.  As both a hobbyist, and a professional, I code every single day.

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