Louis Berman is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded four different technology firms, most typically as CTO, and was employed as a CTO at GiftCertificates.com and Kideo.com.   He currently serves as a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft.

As a speaker, Mr. Berman has presented a variety of technical and scientific topics.  Recent presentations include “A Lap Around TPL DataFlow” for Philadelphia Code Camp and “ScopeSeeing: A Lifelong Quest to Visit The World’s Greatest Telescopes” at the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF); the world’s largest astronomy event.

At Ars Unica, Mr. Berman co-invented and developed the superlative Smartie! trade execution platform.  To quote M.B. of Guilford, CT: “It is horrible to trade on the other platforms after using Smartie!  Makes me feel like I am guilty of trading malpractice!” At NPI Traders, he developed three different automated trading analysis and execution systems, each based upon novel AI (genetic-programming) frameworks of Mr. Berman’s own design. As Braintree Ltd.’s founding President, Mr. Berman and his team developed applications for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including Citibank, HP, Johnson & Johnson, UNISYS, MetLife, NY Life, Smith Barney Shearson, MERCK and American Express.

An avid astronomer, Mr. Beman led the very first visual observation of Eris—the largest dwarf planet in our solar system.

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