Louis Berman is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded four different technology firms and was a CTO at GiftCertificates.com and Kideo.com. He presently serves as EPAM’s Chief Technologist (AZURE).

An Azure expert, Mr. Berman developed the first global-scale Content Delivery Network (CDN) deployed on Azure—predating Microsoft’s own offering by some 19 months!—plus three different automated trading platforms, a 3,200-core HPC cluster that delved into crop genomics—one of the largest RDMA-style cluster ever fielded in the Azure cloud—and countless other projects both on and off the cloud.  

As a speaker, Mr. Berman has presented on a variety of technical and scientific topics.  Notable presentations include “Blazor+MAUI: Better UI with .NET 6” for ZED, “Batch Processing in Azure” for Microsoft’s TechReady, “Zero to [Azure] DevOps” for Philly Code Camp, “Lap Around Serverless” for Microsoft’s DataFest, and “ScopeSeeing: A Lifelong Quest to Visit The World’s Greatest Telescopes” for the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF); the world’s largest astronomy event.

An avid astronomer, Mr. Berman led the very first visual observation of Eris—the largest dwarf planet in our solar system.  A happily expatriate New Yorker, Mr. Berman lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia with his lovely and talented wife, set and costume designer Marie Anne Chiment.

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