(BONUS) Episode 10 – Friends of Sky & Telescope: A Testimonial


It was recently announced in the NY Times (When Sky & Telescope Had No Limit) that Sky & Telescope’s parent company F+W Media filed for bankruptcy.  F+W will go to the auction block on May 30th, with a winner announced on June 4th.  We can only hope that S&T will land well; either individually or as part of a conglomerate sale.—-more—-

For those of you who have little if any familiarity with the magazine, it’s impending doom may not seem all that portentous, but as both an amateur astronomer and long-time S&T Subscriber I can assure you that the loss would come as a grievous blow.  The irony of it all is that while the magazine, itself, is profitable the auction will ultimately be about preserving F+W as a whole.  As such, S&T’s future is anything but assured. 

To be clear, I have every hope that S&T will be purchased.  What I’m concerned about is it’s ongoing relevance and viability; something at this point that’s anybody’s guess. 

As I say in the podcast “…we haven’t figured out what…” we, the self-styled Friends of Sky & Telescope (FOST) can do to be of service, but there are plans in the works.  Listen in and if you’re interested in joining our rag-tag group of S&T enthusiasts, do reach out (louis@squideyess.com).

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