Episode 4 – Azure Enthusiast: Kevin Boland


AzureABILITY host Louis Berman talks Azure with Bentley Systems‘ Kevin Boland—an Enterprise Cloud Architect who manages one of the largest and most complex set of Azure deployments on the planet.  The pair of friends talk a good deal of tech, but along the way they also ruminate on the joys of raising Boxers (no, not the underwear!) as well as the pleasures and perils of being a robotics dweeb.

Kevin is a Dad, Dog Rescuer, Technology Evangelist, Leader, Thinker, Mountain Biker, Security Nerd, Tinkerer, Maker, Enterprise Architect, DevOps Devotee, Azure Enthusiast, Mad Roboticist and more.  To learn more more about Kevin, be sure to visit his LinkedIn page or follow him on Twitter (@kmboland).

During the course of the podcast, Kevin and Louis touch on a bunch of different topics, including:

The episode also features a pair of PSAs from two of our favorite kid-focused technology organizations Kodable and MakeCode.  Give ’em some love (they do a great job!)

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CREDITS: Louis Berman (Host); Kevin Boland (Guest); Gretchen Huebner (Kodable PSA), Simon Hillvo (MakeCode PSA); Vincent Tone / PremiumBeat (Music); Heather Walsh (Intro/Outro); Louis Berman (Engineer); East Coast Studio (Editing)

TRANSCRIPT: https://www.videoindexer.ai/accounts/1c5a0342-11e8-4e1d-b656-d0bf35b80614/videos/7548a4be2a/;  automatically generated by Microsoft’s Video Indexer service (http://videoindexer.ai).

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