Episode 2 – WTF Azure (How Do I Get Started?)


In this episode, Louis Berman discusses how to get started in Azure with his fellow Cloud Solutions Architect, Srini Ambati. Listen in as Louis and Srini give you a leg up into the cloud.

To learn more about getting started with Azure, be sure to check out the following links, or simply use your favorite search engine to access an absurd amount of Azure content; more than any one human could ever consume in a single lifetime:

Quick Heads Up: If you have kids, know kids, want to help kids–maybe even like kids!– then be sure to check out http://code.org. Code.org provides the leading curriculum for K-12 computer science in the largest school districts in the United States.  They also recognize the annual hour of code campaign which has engaged 10% of all the students in the world.  10 friggin percent!!

Be sure to visit http://azureability.com for show notes and additional episodes.  Also, if you like (or even hate!) what we’re doing, please take the time to share your comments and suggestions.

CREDITS: Louis Berman (Host); Srini Ambati (Guest); Megan Hochstatter (PSA); Heather Walsh (Intro/Outro)Vincent Tone / PremiumBeat (Music); East Coast Studio (Editing)

TRANSCRIPT: https://www.videoindexer.ai/accounts/1c5a0342-11e8-4e1d-b656-d0bf35b80614/videos/3ac26600ce/; automatically generated by Microsoft’s Video Indexer service (http://videoindexer.ai).

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