Episode 4 – Azure Enthusiast: Kevin Boland


AzureABILITY host Louis Berman talks Azure with Bentley Systems‘ Kevin Boland—an Enterprise Cloud Architect who manages one of the largest and most complex set of Azure deployments on the planet.  The pair of friends talk a good deal of tech, but along the way they also ruminate on the joys of raising Boxers (no, not the underwear!) as well as the pleasures and perils of being a robotics dweeb. Continue reading

Episode 3 – ExpressRoute and Networking and Cloud Security, Oh My!


AzureABILITY host Louis Berman discusses ExpressRoute, networking and hybridity with Microsoft’s Bryan Woodworth—a Global Black Belt who can toss off words like “hybridity” with louche confidence.  Along the way Brian and Louis also explore such pithy topics as the effect of mullets on the college dating scene. Continue reading