San Diego, Seattle, then Seattle; Oh My!!

TractorTis the season for peregrination, la de dah de dah, de dah, de dah.  For a start I’m off to a fun-filled family reunion in sweltering San Diego (in Ramona, CA, if I’m being particular; to get that gen-u-ine desert during prolonged drought experience!) followed by two back-to-back weeklong internal Microsoft conferences in Seattle.  Yes, the joys of professional development know no bounds, but if that wasn’t enough, I also get to attend a three day team offsite in Baltimore a couple of days after I get back home to Philly.

Anyway, I’m complaining overmuch because for a start (a) I love my family and (b) I’ve heard mention that this time around I get to ride my brother-in-law’s newish 1937 tractor on his “gentleman-farmer” farm, whooping it up and bellowing  my trademark “Yowza” at the top of my lungs as the barely motile beast tops an eye-watering 10mph.  To be sure, life doesn’t get any better!

As to the conferences, I’m more than a little excited in that I get to speak about WebJobs at the first (TechReady23) then immerse myself in Azure at the second (C+E University).  It’ll be 10 days of unmitigated Azure; for a geek like me not so very far from heaven.

The one thing that sucks is that my beautiful and talented wife, Marie, will be heading home after the reunion, thereby leaving me to my own devices for two entire weeks.  Be scared.  Be very scared!

As to my talk—Batch Processing in Azure—I’ll be sharing the stage on Tuesday, 7/26/2016 at 2:30pm PST with Azure Batch PPM Mark Scurrell.  It looks to be a great time.  My own part of the talk will be on Azure WebJobs, whereas Mark will focus on Azure Batch.  I wrote a demo program for the talk  (TR23.TrueFX) which you can download from GitHub.  TR23.TrueFX downloads great gobs of free tick-data from TrueFX/Integral.  I haven’t traded through Integral for years, but they were a great trading house, should you be interested.

I’ve written a presentation, too, but I can’t share it with anyone outside of Microsoft.  If you’ve taken the cool-aid, though, please fee free to email me and I’ll be happy to share.  My alias is “lberman.”

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