The Internet Of Things

IArduino with PIR Detector attended a sort of corporate symposia last week where my peers and I discussed the current technical state of affairs; most specifically to figure out how we could leverage this rapidly expanding realm of possibility.  One key area of discussion was “The Internet of Things.”  The basic idea is that more and more of the artifacts around us are becoming—at least in some sense—intelligent and interconnected!  Now I’m not necessarily talking about your toaster discoursing on Shakespeare with you, but even as I write that purposefully “absurd” phrase, it occurs to me that it isn’t so very absurd at all.  Everyday objects are being enhanced with more and more capabilities, and I have started to take advantage of this pleasing fact.

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I used to live here, but now I’m just Code Camping out!

Just for fun, because who doesn’t like to wake up ridiculously early on a Saturday morning to take a train from Philliy into good ‘ole NYC, I decided to do some major tongue-wagging at Code Camp NYC 2013.  I mean, what could be better.  I won’t get paid, and let’s not even mention the food, so there’s that.  On the other hand, a chance to bloviate in front of a fresh and unsuspecting crowd seems just too good to stay away.  To that end, I prepared an obligatory PowerPoint, then wrote some moderately interesting code: LogFlow and PodFetch.  I even pulled together a ton of samples, a small number of which are actually mine!  Should be a blast.  Hope to see you there….

BTW, I always wanted to make it to Carnegie Hall.  I think I’ll have to settle for the “Carnegie” room; from 2:30pm to 3:45pm.  My session is titled “Supercharge Your Apps With TPL Dataflow.”